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At TRAC Ltd, we are air conditioner suppliers and installers for the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. We work with commercial businesses of all sizes including the leisure and retail industries. We also install domestic air conditioning units in homes across the midlands and the UK.

Using the very latest air conditioning technologies, with the highest product specification from our suppliers, we transform living and working spaces for optimal productivity and comfort – with quality and satisfaction guaranteed.

Select the area of business you require an air conditioning installation and find out more about the air conditioning products which are most suited to these sector premises.


Effective air conditioning is crucial for maintaining a pleasant atmosphere in office spaces and other commercial establishments like restaurants. It ensures comfort not only for employees but also for clients and customers.

Our expertise lies in providing and setting up air conditioning systems specifically tailored for the commercial sector, catering to diverse needs ranging from small businesses to entire office complexes. Explore our range of commercial-grade air conditioning units ideal for enhancing comfort and productivity in your workspace.


In industrial settings, reliable air conditioning is paramount for maintaining optimal conditions and precise temperature control. At TRAC Ltd, we collaborate closely with our clients to deliver and install tailored air conditioning solutions that ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness in industrial environments.

Discover our selection of industrial-grade air conditioning units designed to meet the unique requirements of the industrial sector:


In the retail sector, delivering an exceptional customer experience is paramount. This entails creating a welcoming shopping environment characterised by effective air conditioning and ventilation systems that ensure a consistently comfortable temperature. At our company, we've had the privilege of partnering not only with individual retail outlets but also renowned chains like Ann Summers and Moss Bros. Across various locations, we've successfully installed a diverse range of air conditioning and ventilation systems tailored to the specific demands of the retail industry.

Whatever your requirements may be, we offer a comprehensive selection of retail air conditioning units to suit your business perfectly. Explore our range below to find the ideal solution for your retail space today:


Our residential air conditioning units are thoughtfully crafted to seamlessly integrate into your home's interior while delivering optimal performance, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Whether it's a house, apartment, or flat, we specialise in supplying and installing air conditioning units tailored to residential spaces. Our units are meticulously designed to complement your living areas, ensuring the comfort you desire in your home.

Explore our selection of air conditioning units specifically suited for residential use:


Having fresh, well-ventilated air conditioning is vital for the prosperity and ongoing success of many businesses, especially those in the leisure sector where optimal comfort of customers is their main priority. This is where the intelligent installation of modest air conditioning units is important.

We have worked with many companies in the leisure industry, including well-known chains such as Premier Inn, Travelodge, Holiday Inn Express and Hampton By Hilton hotels. Our work within this sector also includes gymnasiums where our installations have included the Anytime Fitness chain. The following air conditioning units can be used within the leisure sector:

Close Control Applications:

We specialise in providing and installing close control air conditioning units tailored for temperature-sensitive environments that demand efficient and consistent airflow, such as computer rooms and Co-ordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) rooms.

For environments where precise temperature regulation is paramount, the installation of specialised units is indispensable. We understand the unique nature of each project and collaborate closely with our clients to ensure that specifications and requirements are meticulously addressed.

Explore our range of air conditioning units specifically designed for closed control applications:

Our Close Control Application Services Include:

standing air conditioning downflow units installed by TRAC Aircon

Close Control Applications

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