Residential High Wall Units

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Residential High Wall Units installed by TRAC above radiator

One of the most popular air conditioning units, the residential high wall units are available in a range of designs and flexible installations. They can offer high performance for both cooling and heating, and they are easy to control making them great for the home.


Residential High Wall Units

High wall units are a great option if you are looking to add an air conditioning system to your home. They can offer an array of benefits for both you and your house, these include:

  • Work to both heat and cool – The inverter split systems use technology for both heating and cooling a room. They can be very efficient in both cases, with units being able to vary temperatures from 16°C to 31°C.
  • Very quiet operational system – High wall units tend to be quieter than other air conditioning thanks to their advanced technology.
  • Easy to install with minimal disruption – Together with the TRAC Aircon team of specialised and highly- trained technicians and installers, high wall units can be easy to install with minimal disruption.
  • Washable air filters – For better control of air quality, high wall unit filters can be washed. This will help with air quality by preventing bacteria and contaminants, and it can also help your air conditioning efficiency by not blocking airflow.
  • Electronic controls - High wall units can create a very pleasing atmosphere as you can control temperatures, be it to cool or to heat your house. No need to move, just click a button and you can change the temperature while adjusting the wind and direction.
  • Energy Efficiency – With great refrigerant quality and modern systems, high wall units can offer great results at low costs. The latest models and refrigerant generations are also more environmentally friendly.
  • Aesthetically pleasant – as well as having many modern designs for you to choose from, high wall units can be installed while you don’t need to worry about moving your furniture. As they are installed at a high place, you are not going to lose space or get anything blocked.


The Right High Wall Unit for Each Case

Apart from the design, there are a few factors that you should take into consideration before installing a high wall unit into your house. This can include room size and the climate and environment where your house is based, where both factors can require different air conditioning powers and models.

If you have any queries related to our residential air conditioning high wall units, or whether you would like to get a quote free of charge, don’t hesitate to contact us at TRAC Aircon. We can help you to choose the right model for your home and style.

TRAC Aircon can also maintain and service air conditioning systems, and we can also provide you with other environmental services such as PAT testing, Gas boilers installation, energy assessment, and more. Contact us now for more information.


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