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Are you considering a leisure low wall air conditioning unit but don’t know whether it is the right choice for you? At TRAC Aircon, we strive to supply and install the most optimal aircon units that have been specifically chosen to suit your needs. We have considered the energy efficiency, performance, and effectiveness of each air conditioning unit to find the most appropriate low wall aircon units for your leisure business.

Precise control over airflow and temperature can be a crucial aspect towards the success of any leisure business. Leisure low-wall units are ideal for attaining an even airflow and optimal temperature distribution due to their automated airflow systems.

Why Choose a Low Wall Unit for Your Leisure Company?

As opposed to regular air conditioning units, our air con low wall units use dual air discharge flow technology. This allows the unit to provide a greater distribution of airflow, as well as improve the air quality within your building. All of this keeps your staff, and guests, happier and more comfortable within your premises. Additionally, allowing them to get on with their leisure activities in a more productive environment.

Gyms, pools, activity rooms, playrooms, theatres, music rooms, and arcades all have something in common. The more they are in use, the hotter and stuffier they become. It is, therefore, crucial for the success of your leisure business to have full and easy control over the temperature and air quality of your building.

Furthermore, our leisure low-wall air conditioning units are also fitted with high-tech electronic controls. This can allow you to easily enjoy high-quality heating and cooling, without having to move from your office. Additionally, with their innovative technology, our industrial aircon systems are incredibly quiet. This will diminish any disturbance within your leisure business. Ensuring that your customers are happy, without even realising the unit is there.

Leisure Low Wall Units woman running on tredmill under aircon
Leisure Low Wall Unit next to sofa close up

The Benefits of a Leisure Low Wall Air Conditioning Unit

TRAC Aircon Leisure units come with detachable grilles that can be easily removed and reattached. The grilles are small and lightweight, allowing you to quickly remove, clean, and reassemble them. Regular cleaning of your low wall air conditioning unit can ensure that you keep your aircon running, efficiently and productively. Bacteria and contaminants can grow and spread within your unit without regular cleaning. We have, therefore, ensured that it is as easy as possible for you to look after your machine. Which has the added benefit of improving the lifespan of your unit by keeping it in premium condition.

Additionally, leisure low-level units can be made to be aesthetically pleasing within many buildings. As these units are generally installed low to the ground, they are often out of your main line of vision. We have also ensured that our low wall units are easily installed without the need to redecorate or renovate your space to accommodate them.

Where can you Install a Leisure Aircon Unit?

Leisure low-wall units can be fitted and installed within any clear space in your building. They are ideal as they avoid the limitations of high-wall units, which can be awkward to install if you have sloped or high ceilings.

So long as you have the floor space to put one, we can install a low wall unit for you! If you are unsure if one of our leisure low-level units would suit your property, our expert team are happy to discuss your options with you.

Leisure Low Wall Aircon Energy Efficiency & Cost Reduction

Here at TRAC Aircon, we are aware of the importance of energy efficiency not just for the environment, but also for reducing our client’s energy bill costs.

TRAC low wall aircon units are, therefore, extremely energy efficient. They consume approximately 30% less energy than regular, non-inverter units. The split air conditioner heat pumps and inverter technologies within our units can considerably improve an aircon unit’s energy efficiency. Unlike the technology of radiators or electric heaters.

Similarly, our air conditioning units are quick to reach any desired temperature. Consequently, you will result in spending less money trying to reach a comfortable temperature within your leisure business. Thus, also reducing your energy bills. We believe, therefore, that it is crucial for any leisure business to consider installing air conditioning within their property.

Leisure Low Wall Units - woman hot from no aircon
Leisure Low Wall Units - leisure centre gym room

Speak to TRAC Aircon Specialists Today!

Here at TRAC Aircon, we have an extremely skilled and dedicated team who possesses a wide range of experience and can assist you with all your air conditioning needs!

Our expert engineers work to the high standards that you can expect from TRAC Aircon. We take care to meticulously install your leisure low wall units with as little disruption to your daily life as possible. Our experts operate within a wide range of locations, allowing us to best support your business’s needs. Additionally, we work alongside the top aircon unit suppliers throughout the industry. These include but are not limited to, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, and Panasonic.

Our team can provide all the information that you could need to help you to decide which type of aircon is right for your business. Alongside our leisure low wall aircon unit installations, we additionally offer any servicing and maintenance required for your units and many more services too!

For more information, speak to our team today!

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