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Wall-mounted air conditioning, specifically leisure high wall units, is one of the most popular options. It is favoured for its wide range of designs available and its flexible installations. Our high wall units are an essential addition to any business in the leisure sector where customer comfort is a key priority. This style of air conditioning unit will deliver fresh, ultra-quiet, and well-ventilated air conditioning to your premises. Consequently, keeping your customers happy and prosperity growing.


Advantages of High Wall Leisure Units

Our high wall leisure air conditioning units are favoured due to their many advantages. These include:

Heating and Cooling Options-

Our aircon units have inverter split system technology that allows them to heat and cool a room. This allows our leisure high wall units to vary the temperature of a room between 16°C and 31°C. Consequently, they are far more efficient than operating separate heating and cooling systems.

Easy Installation-

With our team of highly trained technicians and installers at TRAC Aircon, our units are installed with minimal disruption to your business or guests. Our specialists can have your new air conditioning up and running with as little delay and disruption as possible.

Incredibly Quiet-

Due to the advanced technology with our high wall units, they tend to be quieter than other air conditioning units. This allows them to be as unobtrusive and cause as little disruption during their operation as possible.

Washable Air Filters-

We have fitted easily washable air filters in all our high wall air conditioning units.  To keep our air conditioning units in optimum condition, and to provide the best air quality possible. This will prevent bacteria and contaminants growth. Additionally, this will improve your air conditioning efficiency by preventing blockages in the airflow.

Electronic Controls-

Many air conditioning units can be awkward to get to when you want to change the controls. With TRAC air conditioning units are equipped with electronic controls so that you can adjust your air-con with just the click of a button. With this feature, you can adjust the temperature, the level of airflow, and the direction of airflow with ease.

wall mounted air con unit in West Midlands above office door close up

Energy Efficient-

Leisure high wall units offer fantastic results due to their high refrigerant quality and modern technology systems. These technologies make it quicker to heat and cool your spaces. Consequently, meaning that you spend less money reaching the comfortable temperatures you desire. Our latest models and refrigerant generations are also more environmentally friendly than previous models.

Aesthetically Attractive-

As our high wall leisure models are installed in high spaces within your property, you no longer have to sacrifice ground space for air conditioning. They can often be installed without the need to move your furniture around or block anything off. Our leisure units also come in a variety of elegant models, designs, and colours. You do not have to sacrifice your brand aesthetic for a comfortable setting.

TRAC Air Con Company

TRAC Air Conditioning Experts

At TRAC Air conditioning, we take pride in the excellent quality of our leisure high wall units. They are a fantastic feature for any leisure business, offering comfortable and easily controlled environments for your customers.

Our air conditioning units have been installed within numerous leisure companies, such as the Premier Inn, Travelodge, Holiday Inn Express, Hampton by Hilton hotels, and many gymnasiums such as the Anytime Fitness Chain. We supply, install, and service within a wide range of locations.

We Supply the Right Leisure High Wall Unit to Suit You

We supply and install a range of designs and models of our air conditioning units. It is crucial, therefore, to consider the room size, climate, and environment where you are installing your unit, as this will affect the performance of the model you choose. If you cannot decide which unit is best suited to your needs, our experienced team will be happy to discuss the best options for you.

Additionally, our expert team at TRAC Aircon service and maintain air conditioning units, to keep your unit running efficiently and therefore, extend their lifespan. Similarly, we offer gas boiler installation, PAT testing, energy efficiency assessments, and more.

If you have any further questions regarding our leisure high wall units, or you would like a free no-obligation quote, contact us today! We can help you to choose the best model for your business.

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