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Air handling units (AHUs), also known as the core of an air conditioning system, are responsible for collecting outdoor and room air, removing impurities, and blowing clean air in. It also adjusts the temperature and helps air conditioning units to supply refreshing air.

The air handling unit stays outside the buildings, usually on their rooftops or an external wall. They can be customisable to each building’s needs, making them suitable for most commercial applications. You can internally add a filter or even devices to help control humidity, temperature, and more.

Air Handling Units Applications

The air handling units are a great addition to larger buildings such as shopping malls, markets, theatres, factories, and more. They will help clean the air, as well as control the exhaustion of carbon dioxide, reducing the necessity for blowers’ fans.

The air handling unit cannot cool or heat air by itself. They provide a tempered fresh air supply to commercial buildings alongside an air conditioning system.


The advantages of air handling units include:

  • They can be installed together at a single location, making maintenance easier.
  • Air Handling units increase ventilation.
  • In addition to providing a fresh and healthy environment, they prevent mould, residual odours, and condensation, as well as remove impurities from within the building and bring in fresh air from outside.
  • They are customisable to every building’s needs.
  • Air handling units also are energy-efficient solutions. They have highly efficient fans and motors, as well as have a control logic so you can manage energy consumption.
  • They offer maximum comfort by balancing humidity levels and maintaining fresh air inside a building.
Aircon Air Handling Unit
Air Handling Unit Control panel

Air Handling Units Installation

Air handling units can be installed both on the rooftop of a building and on side walls, whatever is the best option. They can be installed together in only one place, so whenever maintenance or regular checks are needed, the process will be faster and easier.

At TRAC, we highly recommend the installation of two or more air handling units, so in case one needs maintenance, the building will count on another one as a backup and maintain the good ventilation of the building.

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