Close Control Condensing Units for Precise Climate Control

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Maintaining a consistent and comfortable climate is crucial for many businesses, especially those with sensitive equipment or processes. Therefore, the close-control condensing units can offer a targeted solution for businesses that require precise temperature and humidity control.


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Here at TRAC Aircon, we specialise in providing premium close control condensing units designed to integrate with your existing air conditioning system. Our commitment to efficiency, innovation, and exceptional service ensures you receive the perfect solution to meet your specific needs.

Understanding Close Control Condensing Units

Close control condensing units work similarly to traditional air conditioning units, but with a key difference that they use specialised components and advanced controls to achieve tighter temperature and humidity tolerances. This meticulous process involves:

  • High-Efficiency Compression: The compressor efficiently converts refrigerant gas into liquid, extracting heat from the conditioned space.
  • Precise Control Systems: Advanced controllers monitor and adjust temperature and humidity levels in real time, ensuring consistent climate conditions.
  • Durable Construction: Close control units are built to withstand demanding environments, offering reliable performance throughout their lifespan.
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Benefits of Close Control Condensing Units

Precision Climate Control:

Create and maintain the ideal environment for your specific needs, whether it's a server room requiring cool, dry air, or a museum space needing precise humidity control.

Enhanced Efficiency:

Modern close control units have superior energy efficiency meaning significant cost savings on your energy bills while minimising your environmental impact.

Reduced Noise Levels:

Many close control units operate quietly, creating a comfortable and distraction-free environment for employees or customers.

Scalable Solutions

We offer a wide range of close control condensing units to suit various cooling capacities, allowing a customised system that matches your specific requirements.

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Ideal Applications for Close Control Condensing Units:

Data Centers: Close control condensing units can maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels to ensure the smooth operation of critical IT equipment.

Telecom Rooms: Protect sensitive telecommunications equipment with precise climate control.

Clean Rooms: Create a controlled environment free from contaminants, ideal for medical research or pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Art Galleries and Museums: Preserve valuable artwork by maintaining consistent temperature and humidity levels.

Wine Cellars: Ensure ideal storage conditions for your prized wine collection.

Additional Considerations for Close Control Condensing Units

While close control condensing units offer a range of benefits, there are a few additional factors to consider before making your final decision. These include:

Planned Use: Carefully analyse the specific temperature and humidity requirements for your space. This will help determine the necessary cooling capacity and control features of the condensing unit.

Existing Infrastructure: Evaluate your existing air conditioning system and ensure compatibility with the chosen close control condensing unit. In some cases, additional modifications might be needed.

Maintenance Requirements: Close control units typically require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Consider servicing options offered by us at TRAC Aircon.

By carefully considering these additional points together with the benefits above, you can make an informed decision and select the ideal close control condensing unit for your specific needs. This will ensure a precisely controlled environment for your business, promoting great working conditions and protecting your valuable equipment or inventory.

Investing in Your Business Success

By installing a close control condensing unit, you're investing in the long-term success of your business. You'll benefit from a precisely controlled environment, improved energy efficiency, and a quieter working space.

Our team of experts is here to help you choose the perfect close control condensing unit for your unique needs. Contact TRAC Aircon today and discover how we can create a tailored climate control solution for your business.

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