Benefits of installing air conditioning in your home

chameleon | 19 January 2022

What types of air conditioning units are available for your home?

There is not just one model of air conditioning unit that can be installed into your home. Thanks to advances in technology there are a variety of units all with individual benefits that can be installed into your home. The units we would suggest installing into your home are Cassette units, condensing units, duct fan coil units, high wall units, low wall units. Duct fan coil units are becoming increasingly popular. This is because they are well hidden within the home and can also act as a heat pump as well an air conditioning unit.  

How to choose the right air con unit for your home

Before choosing your air, conditioning unit there are a few things to consider ensuring you chose the right unit for you. Questions you should consider are as follows:

  • The location of the unit with the home
  • The budget you have to spend on your air conditioning unit
  • The size of your home
  • How often you will use the air conditioning unit

These questions are important as if you know your home has lower ceilings or has lots of windows a low wall unit will suit your home better than a high wall unit. If you don’t have a false ceiling in your home, you may find it difficult to have a duct fan coil unit installed.

Benefits of air conditioning in the home

Having an air conditioning unit installed in your home comes with many benefits. We have collated some of the top benefits:

  • Adds value to your home
  • Keeps windows and doors shut which not only makes your home more secure but will also keep insects out
  • Air conditioning has been known to help improve people’s health. It can reduce the risk of dehydration as you are able to manage the heat within your home and allows you to make your house the right temperature to make it easier and more desirable to exercise
  • Having an air conditioning unit will make the summer months more comfortable
  • Air conditioning units have been proven to prevent mold and mildew within the office. They combat humidity and help protect the foundations of your house, the walls and furniture.

How TRAC Aircon can help

We supply install and maintain a range of residential air conditioning units. The breadth of our team’s knowledge and expertise allows us to work with a variety of different manufacturers ensuring you never have to compromise on what air conditioning unit you want in your home. We supply and install all of the following in residential properties: cassette units, condensing units, duct fan coil units, high wall units, and low wall units. For more information on all the units we provide and how to start the process of getting your air conditioning unit installed today please contact us via

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