Which is the right air conditioning unit for your building?

chameleon | 11 November 2021

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Why are air conditioning units such an important purchase?

Arguably one of the most overlooked but influential factors for a happy workplace whether that be offices, shops, or restaurants is room temperature. Did you know the right temperature within a work setting can make employees 4% more productive or it can help your business to retain customers?

When choosing the perfect air conditioner for your building there are a few things to consider. It helps to know a rough idea of the size of the room you are fitting the air conditioner into including the ceiling height. This will help you work out which air conditioning unit will work best for you.  Having an idea of how powerful you want the air conditioning to be will also benefit you.

Air conditioning unit outputs are measured in British thermal units (BTU). Typically, a small room requires a BTU output of 6,000 a medium room requires a BTU output of 10,000 and a large room requires a BTU output of 12,000. Knowing your space will help you make an educated decision as you can avoid paying more for a BTU output that you don’t require or vise versa and not getting an air conditioning unit powerful enough for you to feel the effects.

Finally, consider if there are any other functionalities you would like your air conditioning unit to have. For example, would you like your unit to include smart control or a motion detector? All things to consider before embarking on your journey to purchasing the perfect air conditioning unit.

Types of air conditioning units installation available

Here at Trac aircon, we offer a variety of different air conditioning units that will suit all manner of industries including commercial, retail, leisure, industrial, residential and close control applications. Below are some of the air conditioning unit installation we offer:

The air handling unit is perfect for all types of industries including close control application, industrial, leisure, and commercial industries. Air handling units typically look like a big metal boxes. Within the metal box, there is a heating and cooling element, filter racks, dampers, a blower, and sound attenuators. The main aim is to circulate the air as part of ventilating and heating.

The Cassette unit is designed for commercial and residential properties with large open plan areas in mind or oddly shaped. The aim is to get the cassette unit fitted in a discrete place. They aim to conveniently fit any place and can be put into both false and suspended ceilings. This is a perfect fit for commercial, retail, leisure, residential, and the industrial industry.

If you are looking for a versatile air conditioning unit across any sector the condensing unit might be the answer. With the option of multi-split outdoor models, these flexible designs will offer optimal space comfort. The units supply refrigerant through to an expansion coil in an air tunnel through to the air. The condensing unit can reheat air, dehumidify and cool the air.

Other units our expert team can install are ducted fan coil units, under ceiling units, low wall & high wall units, heat exchanges, and up flow units.

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