Keep your heating bill low this Christmas.

chameleon | 02 December 2021

The dark nights are creeping in, the Christmas trees are popping, the temperature outside is dropping and energy bills are increasing. With working from home and staying in becoming a more popular desirable option heating bills are skyrocketing. Here are a few of our tips to keep the heating bill down this winter in both domestic and commercial settings.  

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Domestic Heating

Were you aware that across the UK central heating is the biggest contributor to household bills? Heating and hot water alone amount to 55% of a single household’s energy bill! On average in the UK a household spends £1,287 a year just to heat up their home. Especially on the run-up to Christmas wouldn’t it be nice to bank some of those pennies to spend and save on other things. Small things such as turning your thermostat down by only one degree could save you up to £80 a year! There are a couple of other little hacks that we’ve found that can help reduce that energy bill.

  • The first thing we would suggest is to update your boiler! Older boilers not only cost more to run but are less sustainable. TRAC Aircon can supply, install maintain and repair a wide range of heating systems from a many different manufactures. Visit the website for more information.
  • Replace heating controls | If purchasing and installing a new boiler isn’t within your budget you can still have your heating controls replaced. By doing this you are able to make get more accurate controls and readings. Types of heating controls you can get are timer, programmer, weather compensating, load compensating and a smart thermostat.
  • Clean your radiators | Freeing your pipes some sludge will make your radiators work more efficiently and will increase the health of your central heating system or boiler.
  • Balance your radiators | An unbalanced system can make the upstairs warmer reaching a higher temperature whereas downstairs may reach a lower temperature which is where you wanted it heating. Effectively wasting money heating up an area of the house you don’t need heating.
  • Correct settings | Make sure your boiler is on the right settings, don’t want to waste energy by heating up water to a temperature you don’t need.
  • Timer | Having the ability to put your heating on a timer will help drastically to save you money on your heating bill. You will be able to set the heating to come on and turn off when you want.
  • Windows and doors | Keep those windows and doors shut to stop the warm air in the home escaping!

For any help on domestic heating systems contact TRAC Aircon via the online contact form here. We are always happy to help.

Commercial Heating

The temperature in the office always sparks a heated debate. It is hard to find a happy medium without your energy bills hitting the roof. We have some top tips to help keep your staff warm happy and healthy this winter whilst keeping your energy bill down.

  • Working hours | Make everyone’s working hours in the office the same. This means you will have set hours to have the heating on cutting off a couple of hours either side of the day saving you money on your energy bills.
  • Switch it off | Make sure when no one is in the building your heating is turned off.
  • Upgrade your controls | Having a more accurate reading will help show you where you are able to cut costs and save.
  • Keep radiators unobstructed | This will allow the heat to circulate the room quicker and easier reducing the need to keep the radiator on for as long or at such a high temperature.
  • Windows and doors | Where possible keep windows and doors shut to warm air doesn’t escape.
  • Talk | Get feedback from staff find problem areas for example there may be a draft get a draft excluder instead of turning the heating up higher.

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