Is Your Workplace Full of Hot Air?

Trac Air-Con | 15 September 2020

With the summer months fast approaching, West Midlands based firm TRAC, the providers of commercial air conditioning solutions to various businesses and developers, is advising office and retail premises owners to get prepared.

Ian Lowe, managing director at TRAC comments: “With our summers becoming hotter and hotter, businesses are dramatically starting to notice its effect on employees.”

At the end of the summer last year, TRAC carried out a survey with business owners across the Black Country, which revealed a dramatic difference in productivity in the work place between offices with air conditioning and those without.

An astounding 50 per cent of those questioned in the survey who did not have air conditioning installed in the workplace believed that the productivity did noticeably fall due to uncomfortable heat conditions and poor ventilation.

Ian comments: “It is often misconceived that the installation of air conditioning is a costly venture, or that it would be highly disruptive to the existing building. This is not the case and the cost of air conditioning is often not as expensive as people might think.

Cost Effective Air Con

“Air conditioning units, including their installation and on-going servicing can all be leased, with flexible monthly payments spread across the term. Additionally, Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs) enable a business to claim a full 100 per cent first year capital allowances on qualifying plant and machinery, such as heat pump air conditioning, consequently making air conditioning an attractive capital purchase.

“Our systems are economical, efficient and discrete and are therefore ideal for any premises. The installation process usually causes very little disruption and the equipment can be removed and relocated if the company moves in the future. Air conditioning is therefore a really worthwhile investment for any business.”

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