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Air conditioning Walsall

If you’re in need of air conditioning unit installation in Walsall, then TRAC can provide you with reliable and efficient air con units. We specialise in Air conditioning installation and service to a range of sectors including:

At TRAC, we employ the most advanced air conditioning technologies along with the finest quality products from manufacturers like Mitsubishi Electric to ensure you are supplied with only the best.

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TRAC, a UK-based independent business specialising in the design and installation of air conditioning systems, was established in 1975 and is headquartered in Halesowen, in the West Midlands. We have grown significantly since then and now we offer ventilation systems with a variety of other air conditioning goods.

From a single unit to a hotel with 200 rooms, we can install a wide variety of air conditioning units in Walsall and around the UK. We can also install air conditioning systems in banks, hospitals, gyms, MOD sites, and even football clubs.

Nowadays, 26 highly qualified employees work for us, and we also have a network of subcontractors we can use as needed, so we ensure you’re taken care of every step of the way.


Air Conditioning Unit Installation

At TRAC, we have been offering installation, servicing, and maintenance to our sizable clientele for decades, whether they are seeking a commercial solution for a shopping centre, a leisure solution for a gym, an industrial factory solution, or for homes, where we also provide, install, and manage residential solutions that improve the comfort of your living space.

After your air conditioning unit installation quote is accepted, our contract department will design the installation by your needs before handing the information over to our group of in-house, fully qualified engineers.

After a thorough inspection of your property is completed by one of our project managers, a final drawing is created for approval. Following approval, the drawing is given to an installation engineer who will carry out the air conditioning unit installation by its size and the number of units being placed.

A commissioning report and an Operation and Maintenance Manual (O&M) with all certification and maintenance requirements for the kind of air conditioning unit installed are sent to the client when the project is finished.

Air conditioning MaintenanceAir conditioning Maintenance

We suggest that our customers sign a maintenance agreement with us after their air conditioning unit installation. There are several advantages to having a maintenance contract, even though customers are not required to do so. These advantages include:

Maintain equipment: A maintenance program is recommended for a specific period or on a roll-on 12-monthly basis

Lengthen the operation life of the equipment

Reduce running costs: In order to keep the systems operating as efficiently as possible, regular maintenance is advised

Reduce the need for callouts

All our units are sold with up to 10 years of warranty, so for your air conditioning unit installation in Walsall needs, contact us here at TRAC for a guaranteed service.

Air conditioning Servicing

Our skilled experts respond to call-outs quickly and effectively, giving clients with ongoing maintenance contracts precedence. The most recent software is used to log every repair job completed onto our system, giving us fast access to previous data about your system.

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TRAC offers a flexible and personable service, and as a result, we are prepared to meet all your servicing and maintenance needs. Contact us today for your air conditioning unit installation in Walsall requirements.

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