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Air Conditioning Installation, Servicing, and Maintenance in Lichfield

Air Conditioning Suppliers for the Lichfield Area

TRAC Aircon can offer a range of air conditioning services in the Lichfield area, for commercial, industrial, and domestic buildings. We provide from air conditioning installation to maintenance and servicing, together with reliable customer service from the first point of contact until aftercare.

We pride ourselves on offering a great range of air conditioning systems in Lichfield and surrounding areas, from the best and highest-rated suppliers worldwide. These include:

  • Mitsubishi
  • Hitachi
  • LG
  • Panasonic
  • Fujitsu
  • Daikin
  • Sanyo
  • Samsung

Our team of engineers and installers are highly trained and whether you are looking to install an air conditioning system in your hotel, factory, store, or into your residence in Lichfield, you can be sure that we can cover your needs. We can guarantee that we offer a high-quality service, as well as the products we will install for you.

Air conditioning services in Lichfield area

Air Conditioning Installation in Lichfield

If you are looking to install an air conditioning unit in your location in Lichfield, we are happy to send you a quotation free of charge, with the best options for you and your premises, with all information needed. After the quote is accepted, we will be ready to start the installation with minimal disruption.

Our installers will make sure to keep you updated and informed all the way, as well as keep amazing customer service to help you to feel safe and comfortable while in our hands! Our aftercare service will start with a smooth and clean finish after installation, and we can provide you with great maintenance!

Air Conditioning Installation in Litchfield - residential kitchen and conservatory seating

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Servicing

To provide our clients in Lichfield with amazing customer service, we can also maintain and service air conditioning units. We recommend that after all installations, our clients take a maintenance contract with us.

This can help keep running costs low, lengthen the operational life of air conditioning units, as well as prevent high costs with repairs and callouts. Our installation sales are backed by warranties for up to ten years depending on the manufacturer, but should maintenance contracts be taken out, warranties can be voided.


Best Air Conditioning Installers

TRAC Aircon is based in Halesowen, but we can cover a vast area, including Lichfield and surrounding areas. We have many years of experience in the field thanks to the success of your services, and we intend to always keep improving.

If you would like to receive a quote free of charge, or for any queries related to our services, do not hesitate to contact TRAC Aircon. We can also offer a range of environmental services such as heating systems, electric power lighting testing, and more!

Air Conditioning Installation, Servicing & Maintenance For All Sectors

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