Air Conditioning Fitting: Is it Worth Getting Air Con in the UK?

chameleon | 27 March 2023

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As we approach the spring and summer seasons, air conditioning fitting starts to become an extremely attractive prospect for many of us. What we all begin to wonder, however, is whether air conditioning is worth the time and money in the UK.

Compared to countries such as America, the UK has a much smaller number of air conditioning systems. Whilst aircon is relatively normalised within the retail industry, it can be uncommon to find any within domestic properties. Due to our often-moderate weather and temperatures, many Britons believe that air conditioning would be wasted on them. Consequently, they allow themselves to struggle through the rising heat of summer and freezing winters that we all experience.

Despite their seemingly obvious ability to regulate the heat in your home, air conditioning systems can also provide a wide variety of benefits that are distinctly less obvious.

So, Why Are Air Conditioning Units So Uncommon in the UK?

Generally, we tend to find that houses in the UK are a lot older than in the rest of the world. This means that many houses purchased will not already come with any systems other than perhaps, central heating. Many homes will require an air conditioning fitting.

Additionally, a vast majority of these older homes have been designed and built before air conditioning was invented. These homes will be made of purely brick walls, or in designs that can make air conditioning somewhat tricky to install. Some of these properties, such as grade-listed buildings, will require legal approval before new aircon fittings can be installed.

Consequently, many Britons will avoid considering having air conditioning fitted in their properties. Yet, each year we seem to be experiencing record temperatures, both highs and lows. Aircon can grant you greater control over heating and cooling your building.

Read on to fully understand the benefits you can obtain by having an air conditioning fitting.

Air Conditioning Fitting in Domestic Properties

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Air conditioning can be a fantastic investment to improve the quality of life and levels of comfort within your home. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Directly improve your health – heat-related illnesses (such as heatstroke) or even deaths are common in our homes. This can be especially true for the elderly or vulnerable, or during heatwaves.
  • Help you to sleep easier – by ensuring that your home is set to a comfortable temperature (i.e., not too hot in the summer, or too cold in the winter), you can ensure that you also receive a good night’s sleep. Improved sleep can also help improve your mood or mental and physical health.
  • Protect your home/furniture – keeping your home dehumidified and at reasonable temperatures can help protect your home. You can protect your walls and fabric furniture from the growth or spread of mould. Additionally, you can protect delicate furniture from being damaged by extreme changes in temperature.
  • Increase your property’s value – air conditioning units are incredibly desirable systems to possess in your home. If you wish to sell your home further down the line, you can expect to receive a higher amount for it if you have an air conditioning fitted. Additionally, you will likely find reduced listing times, as people will naturally desire a home with a functioning air conditioning system.
  • Keeping insects out of your home – by regulating the temperature in your home you make it less appealing to insects. Additionally, you will not need to leave windows and doors open. Thus, allowing you to keep a bug-free home!
  • Help you keep a cleaner home – Any air that passes through your air conditioning unit will also pass through a filter. This can help reduce the amount of dust, pet/human hair, dead skin, and dirt that accumulates within your home. N.B. It is important to note that our air conditioning units do not purify your air from smoke or harmful bacteria. Instead, they can help improve the cleanliness of the particles in your air.

Fitting Air Conditioning in Industrial or Commercial Buildings

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Similarly, aircon can vastly improve the efficiency and satisfaction levels within any industrial or commercial property. These benefits can include:

  • Improved Workforce Efficiency – Your staff will be far more comfortable when they can regulate the temperature within their workplace. This will allow them to work more efficiently as they will not be too cold or too hot to work effectively. Similarly, comfortable temperatures are likely to impact the concentration of your workforce. Consequently, reducing the risk of any accidents as well as increasing their efficiency.
  • Prevent Overheating – By regulating the temperature of your property, you can prevent your machinery or equipment from overheating. This can be especially useful in factories, warehouses, or offices with large amounts of electronics operating at once.
  • Improve your customer/client satisfaction – When you provide an enjoyable atmosphere for your customers, you will make them more comfortable. Consequently, you are more likely to receive better reviews, increased engagement, and return customers. All of these are likely to improve your profits.

Overall Improvements:

Some of these benefits can impact your decision to have an air conditioning fitting, regardless of whether you have it installed in an industrial or domestic setting.

  • Health benefits – By improving your air quality you also improve your own health or that of your staff. If you have a leisure business, people will find it easier to exercise when the temperature is carefully controlled. Similarly, you are likely to reduce the impact that moulds, asthma, allergens/dust, and dehydration have on the body.  It can also be a considerate thought to those with chronic illnesses or people affected by dramatic changes in temperature or rapidly changing temperatures.
  • Better security – When you do not have to leave windows or doors open constantly, you improve the security of your property. Your property is far less likely to be broken into or burgled when your home is adequately secured.
  • Improved moods – Who’s mood isn’t improved when they are in a comfortable temperature? By controlling the temperature of your property, you will experience a positive shift in mood that will help with overall satisfaction.

Could I Not Just Use a Portable Air Conditioner?

Economical aircon units, mobile aircon systems, standalone aircon systems, portable aircon units, no matter what you want to call them, proper air conditioning will generally always be better.

Most portable air conditioning units do not last for long and can be very expensive to run. The size and capacity of portable air conditioning units are weaker than that of a full aircon system. This means that you will have to spend much more energy running them to notice a difference in your home.

Additionally, many of these systems will miss out on some of the additional features that you can find in a proper aircon unit. Consequently, you will have to buy additional machines to carry out these tasks. Such as heating, remote control, automatic timings, and many more.

Choosing TRAC for your Air Conditioning Fitting:

We have been operating as one of the UK’s leading air conditioning suppliers and fitters for more than 45 years. We pride ourselves on offering excellent services, from the first point of contact, all the way to our 10-year warranty promises for each unit.

Our services extend not just to the fitting of air con units, but also to servicing and maintaining many types of air conditioning units across a variety of industries or functions.  

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