Maintenance and Repair

Upon installation of an air conditioning unit, we recommend that our clients take out a maintenance contract with us.

Although clients are under no obligation to take out a maintenance contract, there are a number of benefits to having a maintenance contract, namely:

  • To maintain the equipment warranty (a maintenance programme is recommended for a specific period or on a roll-on 12 monthly basis)
  • To lengthen the operational life of the equipment significantly
  • To keep the systems operating as energy efficiently as possible – helping to reduce running costs
  • To reduce the need for intermediate call-outs

Every installation is sold with a 3, 5 or 7 year warranty, depending on the type of air conditioning units installed and the manufacturer. Unless a maintenance contract is undertaken, the warranty would be void.

Planned preventative maintenance depends on the type of air conditioning unit installed and the local environment. Generally, we undertake between two and four inspections per year, however, in some circumstances further visits may be necessary.

Maintaining the performance of your air conditioning units not only prolongs the operating lifetime and efficiency, it can also have a significant effect on running costs.

During an inspection, our engineers will:

  • Check the system cooling and heating efficiencies
  • Clean the internal filters
  • Check through all operations of the air conditioning units

For more information about our maintenance contracts, please contact us.