Air Conditioning Energy Assessments

These days, many modern buildings have air conditioning units and it’s important that they are properly maintained and checked regularly by air conditioning inspections to ensure they are not wasting energy.

Air conditioning energy assessments are designed to monitor the efficiency of air conditioning systems and to provide the building owners or managers with realistic and practical advice on how to improve their effectiveness whilst reducing energy consumption.

In line with 2011 legislation all buildings with over 12kw of cooling are required to have an air conditioning assessment by law. Those who do not comply may face severe penalties prosecution and large fines.

At TRAC, we have a team of skilled and experienced accredited energy assessors who can conduct your air conditioning energy inspections and provide you with a clear and detailed report offering recommendations on how you can improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system, reduce costs, and lower CO2 emissions.

As well as measuring efficiency, the assessment includes a review of the system’s size and advice on replacements, improvements or alternative solutions where required.

We can carry out these air conditioning assessmentsat cost-effective price, and since air conditioning systems are what we do best, why trust anyone else with the job?

This service is available to all our valued customers, to ensure peace of mind and conformity with continually changing legislation.

If you would like to discuss this further, or to book an air conditioning energy inspection, please contact us on 0121 585 1080 or email